Who is the awarded provider for my location and/or municipality?

To identify the Broadband Program Office (BPO) awardee providing access to broadband to your location, you may consult the Broadband Availability Map or Residential Broadband Search tool. Query your address, and consult the tab for “BPO Award” in the Results section. If the results do not include a “BPO Award”, your location has not been awarded through the Program. Note that the presence of a BPO Award at your location does not guarantee that service is available today. BPO Awards are currently being deployed according to Phase-specific timelines (as discussed below; "What is the status...").

The “Currently Available Broadband” tab in the Results section represents service currently available at your location according to FCC data and does not represent broadband service being deployed as a result of the New NY Broadband Program. To identify the BPO awardee providing service to a specific municipality, you may query the County in which the municipality is located on the “All Phases by Municipality” page of our website – available here. The Results will indicate which provider(s) has been awarded within all affected municipalities in the County.